Machined Components

Plastem (Pty) Ltd are experts in the precision machining of top-quality plastic components. We are part of the Omnia Plastica Group who have been machining plastics for over 40 years. Delivering your orders “On-time Every-time” is of the utmost importance to us as we are totally committed to outstanding service and the resulting long-term customer relationships.

Machined from HDPE, HDPE Components, HDPE Wearstrip
Plastic machinist
Machined from Acetal, Acetal Components, Machining Plastic
Machined from Acetal, Acetal Components, Plastics Machinist
Machined from UHMWPE, Machined from Polyethylene, Plastic Components

At Plastem we only machine plastics so cross-contamination with metal filings is almost impossible. This is an important consideration for medical, electronic and food-contact applications. Our experience with plastics means that we know which are the best feeds and speeds needed to achieve a superior surface finish, which coolants are most suitable and which materials are more prone to heat distortion during machining (eg Polyethylene).

From conception to completion, Plastem provides excellent technical consultation and when required, reverse engineering of componentry. We use OneCNC 3D Professional CAD/CAM software and can download your drawing files in various formats. Production planning as well as price calculations and relevant document storage is done on a software system developed by our sister company Industrial Plastics Europe in Nieuwegein, Netherlands.

Our machines include a Quick CNC Router (capacity 2500 x 1300 mm), a Leadwell V-42i vertical machining centre (capacity 1000 x 500 mm), a Leadwell V30i vertical machining centre (capacity 760 x 500 mm), a Haas TL10 CNC lathe (dia 50 mm through spindle and dia 160 mm in chuck), a Yunnan CNC lathe (dia 80 mm through spindle and dia 280 mm in chuck) and a Woodwise spindle moulder (for profiles). All our machines are regularly serviced and kept in excellent condition.

We look forward to discussing your plastic component requirements with you.

Typical applications:

  • Acetal bushing
  • Acetal gears
  • Acetal seals
  • Conveyor belt flights
  • Conveyor star wheels
  • Cutting boards
  • Nylon bushing
  • Nylon pulleys
  • Nylon sheaves
  • Nylon sprockets
  • Nylon wear pads
  • Outrigger pads
  • PEEK bearings
  • PEEK components
  • PEEK seals
  • PEEK Valve seats
  • Plastic profiles
  • Plastic wearstrips
  • PTFE gaskets
  • PTFE seals
  • PTFE valve seats
  • Pump bushing
  • PVDF components
  • Sluice gate liners
  • Thrust washers
  • Truck bed liners
  • UHMWPE chain guides
  • UHMWPE change parts
  • UHMWPE chute liners
  • Valve components
  • Ventilator components
  • Wear shoes
Machined from Nylon, Nylon Components, Machining Nylon
Machined from Polypropylene, Polypropylene Component, Polypropylene
Machined from Nylon, Nylon Components, Machining Nylon
Machined from HDPE, HDPE Components
PEEK Jack Screw Column
PTFE Teflon

Plastem supplies top quality precision machined plastic components, which are delivered to you on time. Whether you are looking for a new supplier or simply want to compare prices then we would be happy to arrange a meeting to best understand your particular requirements.